Flexibility and Simplicity

The only electrical analyzer
that measures and sends directly to the Internet

SenNet IoT EasyMeter

Direct Internet delivery

Without Sim card

Plug & Play

Measurement of

consumed energy

Measurement of

generated energy






Very High


Every 15′

In addition, you can manage data of 6 other equipments



Extends to

6 Additional Equipments

quick and easy setup

It is done via cell phone

Contactless through NFC

possible settings

These are some examples, you can make all necessary configurations

Configuration 1

Tertiary & Industrial

Solution For…

Electricity, Water and Gas throughout the building

Configuration 2

Tertiary & Industrial

Solution For…

Total energy and climate sub-measures, etc.

Configuration 3

Residential & Tertiary

Solution For…

Self-consumption: energy generated and consumed with radiation probe

Pairs up to 6 equipments

Current transformer or Rogowski probes

Up to 5000A

1 Three-phase or 3 Single-phase meters

Submit data

direct to internet

no sim card | no wifi

Plug & Play

Set it up from your cell phone with NFC

High Accuracy

in electrical measurement


of any amperage


design protected by 2 patents

Three-phase meter that can be used as 3 single-phase meters.

Active and reactive energy accuracy of 1% (0.5% option on request)

Phase sequence auto-detection

Self-detection of overvoltages and dips

Supports current transformers and Rogowski coils up to 5000A

The device takes the power supply from the voltage reference